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You can get help getting your driver licence

It can be difficult to complete all your driving hours and gain your ‘Ps’ (provisional) licence.

It is a good idea to talk about this with your caseworker when they are preparing your leaving care (my future) plan as they can help you with a number of free lessons. You will find that there are many more driving hours that you will have to do before you gain your licence. There are some organisations that may be able to support you, although some have eligibility requirements. You may need to ask your caseworker to help you reach out to an organization that helps with driving hours.

Birrang: Supports you in getting your Learners licence, and log driving hours.

Driving Change: Supports you in gaining your Learners licence and log driving hours.

Keys2Drive: Offers one free lesson with a driving instructor.

There are various locations in which these companies run their programs.

There is also a free Safer Drivers course that you may be eligible for once you have completed 50 hours of log book driving time.