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You can get a passport

There are a few steps that need to be taken by your caseworker for you to get a passport and this can sometimes take a bit of time. Before you apply for a passport, you need to get your travel approved through your caseworker. Your caseworker will consider things like the reason for travel as well as any safety concerns. Once you have approval to travel, your caseworker will let your parents know that your travel has been approved and that an application for a passport is going ahead.

Your caseworker will need to get the written consent of each person who holds parental responsibility for you. This may mean your parents and/or the Minister of Family and Community Services. Your caseworker will speak to people and fill out forms that need adult signatures.  For example, your caseworker may have to be in contact with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

If you are not eligible for an Australian Passport, your caseworker will make enquiries for you to the appropriate Consulate or Embassy related to your country of birth.