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Your caseworker can help you feel connected

Living away from your community and culture can be challenging and can contribute to feeling isolated and misunderstood. Your carer and caseworker are here to help you feel supported, safe and connected to your culture. For example it may be important to you to have:

  • certain foods you like eating,
  • particular cultural beliefs,
  • days you celebrate,
  • spiritual connections that are important to you.

You have a right to learn about and enjoy your culture, including language, beliefs and recreational activities, through relationships with other members of your cultural group. These are some things that you can talk to your carer and caseworker about to ensure you stay connected.

Racism and discrimination is unacceptable and you have the right to be free from it. Your carer and caseworker are also responsible for ensuring that if you are experiencing discrimination, prejudice, or racism that they help you to address these issues to ensure you are respected. They can also help you to develop positive strategies to ensure you get the support that is best for you. They can also support you using the English language or to communicate in your language- it is ok to ask for help. An interpreter, or community member/organisation may be helpful.