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Your cultural support plan

Your caseworker will work with you to develop a cultural support plan. This will mean working with others who understand your cultural background such as your family or community. The plan will outline all the things that will be done to ensure you have a sense of belonging and remain connected to your culture.

Things that will be covered in a cultural support plan include:

  • understanding your country/nation(s), language group(s), linguistic background, religious/spiritual background, communities of belonging;
  • completing a genogram- which is a map of where you fit within your family and community;
  • plans to spend time with family, extended family, kinship, and community relationships;
  • exploring activities/events that you can participate in;
  • working with your caseworker to identify organisations that support your culture and can promote connection and understanding.

We want you to enjoy your cultural rights, through meaningful relationships with your family and community.